MMM Matter: About MMM and How MMM Nigeria Works

How does MMM Nigeria Work?

mmm nigeriaMMM is undeniably the most talked about ‘money making opportunity’ in Nigeria today especially among the press. But what really is it?

MMM is a community of like-minded people providing financial assistance to each other.

It is different from other ponzi or pyramid schemes. Why?

Because you don’t pay to a central account and you don’t make physical contact to anybody or pledge your properties, there are no lenders or debtors. Everything is simple: one participant asks for help and another provides the help and vice versa

Note: It is important to point it out that there is no Central Account where all monies go to (that allays  the fear of your money being stolen). Monies are transferred between participant who provides help to the account of another participant who asks or requests for help. MMM only regulates the process. Simple!

Working Principle of MMM

Before you can participate in mmm Nigeria, you have to indicate interest by registering with the system. Without having an account, you cannot participate in mmm.

So if you are interested, which I belief you are which is the reason why you are reading this, click here to register for free.

After registration, login to your Personal Office (PO) and declare willingness to Provide Help (PH) by clicking on “Provide Help”.


Then, thereafter your account will be rewarded with marvo. (Marvo is the mmm system internal currency). It starts growing from the moment of offering the contribution at the rate of 30% per month. The marvo determines how much you can request for yourself.

For instance, if you make a pledge to provide help of N100,000, instantly, you will be rewarded with 100,000 Naira Marvo and will immediately start to grow. A month after, your 100,000 Naira marvo will become  100,000 + (100,000 * 30/100) = N130,000.

However, you are not under obligation to wait until the expiration of one month before you request for help (GH). Help can be requested in MMM at any time after confirmation of your marvo by the requester, i.e after you have provided help and transferred the money to the participant who confirms the reception of the fund.

When you request to provide help, it comes to your PO. If you do Not make payment  within 48 hours, you will be automatically removed from the system.

If you register in mmm for the  first time, you are given a registration bonus which depends on your initial help provided.

  • You get $20 if you have contributed between $50 – $499 (between N25,000 – N249,500 @ N500/$ exchange rate), frozen for two week. If you request for help before two weeks elapse, you will forfeit mmm registration bonus.
  • You get $50 if you have contributed between $500 – $2,999, frozen for 1 month
  • You get $100 if you have contributed $3,000 and above

Note: By ‘Frozen’ it means that if you request for help earlier than the stipulated time, you will lose the mmm registration bonus, but your money + 30% accrued interest will be paid.

When you look at the mmm or mmm Nigeria, you will realize it is an ‘opportunity’ for people who I call ‘risk-taker’. Because as is now, nobody guarantees you the safety of you money. You can read the warning here.

But if you have any spare money lying idle in the bank (promise to give you a meager interest of 5-10 % annual), and you are ready to take the risk, click here to register and start growing your money exponentially. After all, everything in Nigeria is a risk!

You can also read about my mmm investment strategy here

So, what are you waiting for, free yourself from the shackle of poverty and take this life changing opportunity by registering for it here.

mmm promotional offer

There is even a promotional offer for those that register between 7th of December 2016 to 1st January 2017. An additional 20% of your contribution is given.  Take this opportunity and register Now!

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