MMM Investment Strategy in Nigeria

My MMM Investment Strategy

It is certain that most of the people who involve in mmm investment do so with ‘Uncertainty” That is, without knowing what will be its end or what will happen to the system.

mmm investment

Again with negative publicity mmm attracts from the general public most especially among the media.

Of the truth, if you are familiar with how other ponzi or pyramid system works, you will be skeptical about mmm investment in Nigeria. Though, I have to disagree or belief that mmm is a ponzi scheme based on the reason that monies are only transferred from one participant to another without any intermediary or central account.

But there are some risk management that I use in mmm investment and that is what I want to share with you.

I took the initial risk of putting my money into mmm investment by providing a help of one hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N150,0000.00).

It was a risk because then I was apprehensive of the worst: “what if it crashed”. But I had that inner conviction that it is too early to crash. Why?

  • Nigeria is a country of more that 180,000,000  people
  • the mmm investment is just a year in Nigeria

So if the “foreseen crash” will happen, it will take a while. These reasons and some other personal issues gave me the confidence and I took the risk of putting my money in the mmm  investment. Now . . .

What is my MMM Investment Strategy?

  • I invested my N150,000 in mmm ie I provided a help of the said amount.
  • After the end of the first month  (I have to wait till the end of the end to get my registration bonus), I requested to Get Help and I was paid a total of  N150,000 + (30/100 of N150,000) + $20 registration bonus. That amounted to N205,000
  • Now that I have got my initial mmm investment plus the interest, I withdrawn my capital and re-invested my interest.
  • This time around I don’t wait for a whole month before I request for help (you don’t need to, because once it is confirmed that you have transferred the cash, you can withdraw)
  • For over two months now, I have being growing my interest and when it is accumulated to something like N200,000, I will withdraw some and continue re-invest the other.

With this strategy, I know I am at profit and if anything eventually happens as speculated, I don’t lose anything. Or what do you think?

I just imagine myself having more than N150,000 as my initial mmm investment, like I invested N500,000 or N1,000,000 . . .


I would have being a millionaire by now. Though the more the investment, the higher the risk and the higher the interest too.

As it is now, the chance of mmm ‘crashing‘ is minimal for the fact that it is new in Nigeria and the population too. Before it reaches its saturated point, those that join earlier would have broken even. And I think the chance of making it big in mmm investment is still bright.

NOW is the right time for you to register and apply this mmm investment strategy I enumerated above. Don’t wait any further!

So what are you still waiting for, click here to register for mmm free and free yourself from financial burden.

Together, we will change the world.

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