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Yes! jamb cbt practice software is finally here.  It is not news again that Jamb/Utme exams will be computer based test (cbt). That is very unfair of Jamb for the fact that many prospective candidates have not experienced such exams environment and majority of the candidates in the villages are not computer literate.

And with the new policy on admission criteria has stop universities and polytechnics from conducting post utme exams. This policy put you more on a tight corner, because one of the first thing to disqualify candidate is your scores in jamb.  If your score is not above 200 and your WAEC/NECO grades or its equivalent is not As or Bs, you will find it hard to secure admission into any of these institutions.

To avoid that you need to start the preparation NOW! by register for this jamb cbt practice to put you ahead of others.

But you know what!, Jamb is not bothered about that and not ready to reverse that decision now.  Maybe jamb may consider reversing that decision as the House of Rep wants it to be scraped.  But since it is here, if you can beat Jamb to “her” game you join her.

One of the preparations to beat Jamb to “her” game is this  jamb CBT practice . “Practice”, an adage says, “leads to perfection” and as Benjamin Franklin rightly put it “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

So, it is very pertinent for you to get yourself prepare adequately for jamb utme examination by taking this jamb cbt practice.

I know you have vowed and resolved to pass Jamb/Utme this year but . . .

How Well Prepared Are You To Face Jamb Exams?

It is one thing to make a decision about passing an exams, it is another thing altogether to take ACTION to make it a reality. Have you put into consideration what that ACTION to take in order to pass your Jamb with high scores this year? One of the action to study very well and practice. Part of the practice is to take use this jamb cbt practice software.

This jamb cbt practice software is designed to help you have a taste of what it will look like on the exams day. It allows you to take test in four subjects as you have it in the real jamb exam, and . . .

Enough of this!

jamb cbt practice software

What Benefits Will it Offer Me if I Use This Jamb Cbt Practice Software?

Why do I need to use  this jamb cbt practice software when there are other ones to use, you asked?

Yes there are many out there. That is indisputable fact, but these are the benefits that you get if you subscribe for this particular jamb cbt practice software:

  1. It will help you to master the art of Computer Based Test and blast Jamb with 200 plus scores
  2. It will help you to manage your time effectively that you won”t waste much of your time on one subject to the disadvantage of other subjects.
  3. jamb cbt practice software will psychologically prepare your mind for the exam such that you go in for the exams with fear-free mind.
  4. It will allow you to see your result after each attempt so that you know your weakness subject and improve on it.
  5. Automatically and instantly give your code without fear of being duped or scammed after you subscribed.
  6. Jamb cbt practice software allows you to have access to more than 1000 question to practice with.
  7. Choose from five set of question to practice with, and …
  8. One Full year Access to take the test anytime of the day

Will Jamb CBT Practice  Software Alone Help Me Score Higher Mark?

Of course not!. It can not do it alone. You have to study very well. Utilize you time on something that will make your success guaranteed. In short stop  “Facebooking“, “Whatapping” and any other distractions now. Concentrate your energy on your books, then take this jamb  cbt Practice. Only then will your success in Jamb be 100% guaranteed .

How Much Does it Cost And How Do I Get The Activation Code?

The activation code for jamb cbt software costs 1000 only. Make payment to the account information below:

Account Name:                 Adegoke Lukumon

Account Number:            2016533660

Bank:                                  First Bank

Once the payment is made, send an SMS to 08055243987 containing your name and the amount paid. Once the payment is confirmed, the code will be sent to you immediately

Download the software here

For Online Activation

To upgrade to a full version of jamb cbt practice software, use any of the following methods to make payment:

  1. Make a payment of 1000 only to the account information provided above and send SMS to 08055243987.
  2. Make a payment using online-activated-master-card ATM card and get your activation code instantly  once the transaction is successfully. Make payment here.

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