Jamb cbt Examinations in Nigeria, What it Entails

Jamb Cbt Examination in Nigeria

jamb cbt examsJamb cbt examination was introduced in the year 2012. Before the introduction of computer based test, jamb examination was a paper and pencil test (PPT).

PPT is the traditional way of writing exams and that has been the method used by Joint and Admission Matriculation Board to conduct its exams until 2012 when jamb introduced jamb cbt mode of examinations where the candidate use computer to write the exams.

Jamb examination was established by act No 2 of 1978 by the General Olusegun Obasanjo Military Government. Its main then function was to conduct basic entrance examination into higher institutions.

The conduct of candidates during the exams at that time was very impressive, until recently when the rate of examination malpractice is so alarming, that jamb examination was not what it used to be.

The menace of examination malpractice in the Nigeria educational system prompted the exam body to introduce the jamb cbt examination. The main aim is to curb the rapid growth of examination malpractice.

The situation was so bad that candidates are not ready to study hard to pass their computer based examination again, rather they prefer looking for ‘chokes’ or ‘shot-cut’ or pay huge amount of money to get the question paper before examination day.

To solve this problem, jamb then introduced the use of computer to write the exams. This drastically reduce the rate of examination malpractice though, it has its own issues too.

Who Qualifies to Write the Examination?

Jamb computer based test (cbt) exams is meant for candidates who have written West African Examination or National Examination Council or its equivalent or those who are presently in their final year in the senior secondary school.

The reason for these categories of candidates is because, one of the admission requirements is that you must provide your O’Level grade before you will be considered for admission.

What is the O’Level requirement?

The requirement by jamb is that for anybody to qualify to sit for jamb exams and be consider for admission into any of higher learning institutions, he/she must have sat for and obtained  5 credit passes in five subjects including Mathematics and English Language with other three subjects relevant to the course of study. Once you have these requirements, you can go to any of the jamb cbt approved centres for registration.

 The Conduct of Jamb cbt Examination

Now that you have registered and you are waiting to know your centre and exact date you will write the exams, it is important to know how jamb cbt is conducted.

There are always 3 sessions: Morning, Afternoon and evening. Make sure you check your exam slip properly to know the centre name, date and time of your examinations. Because it has happened to many candidates in our centre. Instead of being around for morning session some came around in the afternoon. And the rule of the examination is that once you miss your session you can not take that exam again. So be vigilant.

On the day of exams, you are to be at the centre by the time stated on your photo card. Try as much as possible to be there as stipulated so that you can do you biometric verification on time.

Atimes you might be having problem with your biometric, don’t panic, it will be done again. Peradventure you are unable to be verified, that is when jamb will reschedule you for another exams. Make sure you submit the necessary document before you leave the exam venue.

jamb cbt biometric verification

What Happens After Biometric Verification?

After biometric verification, the candidates will be scanned and checked in by the security personnel. As you are entering the exam hall, you locate your system number as indicated on your slip. Thereafter sit down and wait for further instruction from the proctors. At this point you need to be calmed and relaxed.

Once you are asked to start, there is going to be a 1 or 2 minutes muted video that will walk you through what is expected of you to write the exam.

The video will show you how to navigate (move around) the platform- how to select correct option to any question  with mouse as well as with keyboard, how to activate calculator if you need one and many more.

At the end of the video, you are advised to shun EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE. This is because if you are caught, you will be prosecuted by the law. It is at the point that you will be prompted to continue.

Then you type in your registration number using the keyboard. Your registration number is made up of 8 digits and 2 letters. The letter can either be typed in small letters or capital letters eg 12345678ad or 12345678AD, anyone will work. Make sure you type in the registration correctly so that the system will grant you access to the jamb server.

Now let’u look at the questions

By default, you will be taken to English Language questions once you login. But you can start with any subject by clicking on the subject link at the top of the page.

English Langauge has 60 questions and each of the other three subjects has 40 questions each. That make up of 180 questions and the duration for the whole questions is 2 hours.

Each question has four options letter A – D, click on the correct option with the mouse pointer or press alphabet A, B, C or D corresponding to the correct option on the keyboard. To move to the next question, click next button with mouse pointer or press letter ‘N’ from the keyboard to move to the next question.

Once you are through with a subject, and you are on the last question of the current subject, the system automatically takes you to the next subject. Do not CLICK ON SUBMIT BUTTON yet, scroll up and pick another subject if you are not automatically taken to the next subject. Repeat it until you have attempted all four subjects.

You can go back to any of the subjects you have already done by clicking on the subject link and go through your answer. To change any answer, click on the new option and the system automatically updates you answer.

Watch Candidates in real jamb cbt exams Situation

Make sure to be mindful of your time. Do not waste your time on any subject. Plan your time very well so that no subject suffers. And in my own opinion, you should start with the simple subject so that you can have enough time to answer other not-too-simple subjects.

Take Jamb Cbt Test To Score Above 200 Marks

Every year, more than a million candidates register for jamb exams for entrance into universities, polytechnics/monotechnics  or colleges of education. From this figure, only 25-30% gets admitted. Most candidates fail to make it above 200 because of poor preparation.

I know you want to be one of the successful candidates this year, so I am recommending this jamb/utme cbt practice software for you. It gets you prepare adequately well for the jamb cbt exam.

Take this practice online or offline and be sure of passing your jamb cbt exams with higher score. Remember, he who fails to prepare plans to fail. Get prepared today for a higher score tomorrow

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