Jamb Cbt Software For Jamb Exams Practice

Jamb Cbt Software

Jamb cbt software comes as a result of difficulties many candidates are facing in writing computer based test. It is designed with the purpose of helping candidates who are preparing to sit for jamb cbt examination.

Register for a free trial test here

Download the jamb cbt Offline here

This jamb cbt software has an interface just like real jamb exam interface to make it easy for candidate to get use to the interface before the real examination.

Register for a free trial  cbt  test here

Download the jamb cbt Offline here

jamb cbt software

It comprises of the following subjects:

  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Commerce
  • Financial Account
  • Literature in English
  • Christian Religious Knowledge
  • Government
  • Agricultural Science
  • Geography

And you have five different sets of questions to select from. At the end of each test, you can view your chosen answers and the correct answers side by side. This will really help you in practicing and at the same time studying.

What is there for me to Gain?

You will have the following benefits if you use this jamb cbt software.

  1. It prepares you psychologically for the exams. This is because it takes all the anxiety and fear of not knowing how it looks like and how it works that would have affected you psychologically.
  2. It allows you to practice at the same time study since you see your scores and correction at the end of each test.
  3. It allows you to have access to different type of test thereby expose you to more than 1000 question to practice with.
  4. It makes you familiarize with the environment and get rid of the anxiety

How Do I Use the Cbt Jamb Software?

The jamb cbt software can be used online or download and install on your personal desktop or laptop. To use it online, you need to register for a trial version (It can be upgraded later to a full version).

The registration is very simple. Just enter your name, your phone number and select the four subjects you want to practice. Once you have done that, login with your phone number each time you want to practice.

Register for a free trial  test here

For Instruction on how to download the software click HERE. Once the file is successfully installed on you computer, you will need an activation code to have full access to the software.


How Much Does it Cost And How Do I Get The Activation Code?

The activation code for jamb cbt software costs N1000 only. The payment can be made to the account information below:

Account Name:                 Adegoke Lukumon

Account Number:            20165033660

Bank:                                  First Bank

Once the payment is made, send an SMS to 08055243987 containing your name and the amount paid. Once the payment is confirmed, the code will be sent to you immediately

Download the jamb software here

For Online Activation

To upgrade to a full version, use any of the following method to make payment:

  1. Make a payment of N1000 only to the account information provided above and send SMS to 08055243987.
  2. Make a payment using online-activated-master-card ATM card and get your activation code instantly  once the transaction is successfully. Make payment here.

Have any comment or question use the comment box below.

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