Check Waec Result Online with Checker’s Card

Check Waec Result Online

Some students find it difficult to check weac result. But it is simple. and I shall explain to you how to check waec result in a simple and well defined ways.

Waec result can be got using any of these methods

WAEC Checker Card Online

Are you looking for a place online where you can buy waec checher? Then if you are here, you are at the right place.

In this post, I will tell you what is  waec checker car and where you can easily purchase it online and instantly get your PIN and serial Number.

In less less than a month now, the May/June 2016 Waec Result will be out I am very certain that most of you are anxious to check your result.

But do you know that to check your result, you need waec checker card. Some candidate believe that they can check their result without waec checker card.

Waec checker card is a online result checking facility that is required by any candidate who want to check May/June or Nov Dec. waec result.

It is made up of  Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is hidden by a silver coat. This coat needs to be scratch to reveal the 10 digits number. It also consists of Serial Number which contains 3 alphabets and 8 digits.

These PIN number and serial number are required to check waec result

Requirement for Using Waec Checker Card to Check your Result.

  • Internet connection
  • Waec checker card
  • Computer system or Smart phone
  • Year of examination
  • Your Centre Number (8 digits)
  • You sit number

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How Do I Get WAEC Checker Card?

This page provides a step-by-step procedures on how to get WAEC checker card PIN and Serial number that is required to check your result.

  • Click HERE to go to sale page to purchase the card.
  • On the page that appears, fill in your name, phone number and email address. Your data will be used strictly to send your Pin and serial number to you.
  • Click on submit button.
  • After that you will be re-directed to an instruction page that details how to make payment for the card

Ways on How to Check Your Result

Short Messaging Service

  • Send a short text message to 32327 by following the format bellow:

WAEC*Your Exams number*Card PIN*Exam Year (Avoid space in between)

Example: WAEC*42777272010*765342561021*2006

  • After that, send to 32327
  • Wait a while for returning message which contains your result.

Using WEAC Result Checking Site

  • Type in your registration number in the Examination Number field
  • Select Year Examination. Be certain of examination year because if you select a wrong year, it will display result for the candidate with the same sit number as yours for that year and you will not be able to use the PIN to check your result again unless you purchase another one.
  • Enter WAEC checker PIN and Serial number in the appropriate field.
  • Click Submit and your result will be displayed.

Note: If you buy your waec checker card through this site, copy down the  checker PIN and Serial number and keep safely because you can use 5 times to check the same result.

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