Jamb CBT Software Free Activation Code

Jamb CBT Software Free Activation Code Versus Paid Activation Code


Are you looking for Jamb CBT Software Free Activation Code or Paid Activation Code?

There are many jamb cbt software both online and offline. There are some that come with free activation code. But as saying goes “no free lunch anywhere“. Most of jamb cbt software free activation code have little questions and are not designed to the standard.

Why do you need to practice for jamb cbt test before the exam?

The reason is for you to have a feel of the platform and build up your confidence during the exams. Therefore you don’t need a jamb cbt software free activation code, rather what you need is a software that will give you all you need and the one that will prepare you well for the exams.

What should you look for in a jamb Software?

  1. Relevant questions
  2. Plenty of questions
  3. Similarity with real jamb platform
  4. easy of use
  5. provision of correct answer for “busy candidates” that need a guide

Therefore I am introducing you to a software that will give you all these benefits and more, Jamb CBT Software.

This software comes in two formats: Online and Offline.

If you always have internet connection, you can opt in for online version. Click here to register and test-run it. Trial version only gives you access to some questions to assess it. To have full access, request for a code here. Once you get the code, Upgrade your account to Full version by click on the “Upgrade Account” link on the home page.

If you want the offline version, especially if you don’t always have internet connection or you prefer it for any other reason you go for offline one. It can be easily downloaded here.

After you have downloaded it, install it either on your desktop or laptop computer. Then register by clicking on the register and fill in your name, your phone number and select your four jamb subjects.

To take the test, click on “Take Test” and here you go, it takes you to instruction page, after reading the instruction (which you can skip if you like), click Continue button and it will take you straight to question page where you can click on any subject link to start.

So if you are really ready and it is not Jamb CBT Software Free Activation Code that you are looking for. Click on the link bellow to get it

Remember, you can use this link to Get the activation  Code

if you want the offline version you can download it here

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