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CBT Practice Interface Explained

Hi, do you seriously want to make your JAMB result this year? then you need to take jamb cbt practice. JAMB examination is no longer a PPT, but a computer based test (cbt). That is the reason why you need cbt practice. Register for a trial version of Jamb Software

It was so embarrassing to see that during the last jamb exams in one of the cbt accredited centres where I worked, some candidates found it so difficult to login or navigate through the jamb cbt interface. Some were helped to type in their registration numbers while some wasted good number of their ‘not enough’ time to login.

So this post is just a brief tutorial for the prospect jamb candidates about jamb cbt practice tips.

But remember that the real JAMB interface is not available, so I will use some of the screen shot and video clip from last jamb exam.

JAMB Cbt Practice Software Interface

The first thing is to log in with your registration number. Your registration number consists of 8 digits and two alphabets. Type in your reg number in this format 12345678AH. Use these parts of keyboard to enter your reg number.

cbt practice keyboad

Register for a trial version of Jamb Software

The alphabet part of your reg number can either be in upper case (capital letter) or lower case (small letter) . Make sure you type in your reg number correctly, otherwise you will be denied access to the server until you enter your reg number correctly. Once you are done, click on login button.

You will be directed to instruction page with the following instructions:

  • Use your mouse to select your answer
  • You can also press A, B, C or D on your keyboard to select your answer
  • To move to the next question, click NEXT button with your mouse
  • You can press the Right Arrow key or Enter Key to move to the next question
  • You can also go back to the previous questions by pressing the Left Arrow Key
  • You can click on any question Nos at the bottom of the page to jump directly to the question
  • Your answer is automatically saved when you click the Next button or press the Right Arrow Key
  • Do NOT use the Browser Refresh button to reload any question. Doing so will lead to lose of some seconds
  • When you have finished answering all the question and are ready to submit, click END TESTING
  • On the summary page that appears click on FINALLY SUBMIT
  • Your answer will be submitted and marked immediately
  • Once you have submitted, you cannot undo or go back

Read the instructions carefully and scroll to the bottom, at the right corner, click continue with your mouse or press letter ‘S’ from the keyboard.

Your questions will then be populated. It takes a while for this action to complete. Be patient and don’t panic!.

If it fails to populate, no cause for alarm, close the window and re-login or call the attention of the official.

By default, the subject that displays is English Language. You can continue with it or scroll up and select the subject you want to start with. With cbt practice software, you are allowed to start with any subject.

Read the question and use your mouse to click on the correct option or press any of the letters A, B, C or D that corresponds to the correct option. To move to the next question, click on NEXT button with mouse or press Right Arrow Key jamb practice arrow keyfrom the keyboard.

When you are done with the first subject, scroll up and pick another subject.Repeat the process until you are through with the four subjects.

Note: You should not click on SUBMIT button until you are done with your four subjects. If you do, the system will submit only the answered subject and log you out and you will not be able to continue with the jamb cbt practice exam again.

Before submission, you can review your answers or unanswered questions. You can do that by clicking on a particular subject link and navigate through the questions again.To change your option, just click on the new option and the system automatically updates your answer.

If you want to answer ‘unanswered‘ questions, scroll to the bottom of the page. Unanswered questions are those question Nos that are white while the answered question are those with green question Nos

cbt practice quetion nos

Click on any of the white question Nos and you will be taken straight to that question. Answer it by selecting the correct option and click on any other unanswered questions to answer it.

Once you are through with all subjects, click on Submit button. You will be asked to confirm that you want to submit, then click submit and your answers will be saved. Then click on log out and that is the end of jamb cbt practice.

Sometimes things can be overwhelming. To get the clear picture of the whole thing, you need real demo cbt practice. ‘Practice’ they say ‘makes perfect’. So I recommend this jamb cbt practice software for you. It will make everything easy and simple for you.

Register for a trial version of Jamb Software

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